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For 45 years, Bible Methodist Christian School has set a standard of excellence that has not been lowered. It is this TRADITION of academic advancement that sets this school apart from many private schools.

  • K-3 through 12th grade
  • Small class size; low student-to-teacher ratio
  • Member of
    • American Association of Christian Schools (AACS)
    • Alabama Christian Education Association (ACEA)
    • National Choice Schools


The Bible Methodist Christian School was founded in 1969 with the purpose of providing quality education at a reasonable cost that involves both spiritual and academic emphasis.


With the conviction that the Bible is God’s truth revealed to man, students not only have Bible class, but they also learn how God’s Word applies to their lives in the academic classes as well. We see our mission as a ministry to the whole person so that when our students leave our halls of learning they take responsibility in their churches and their communities. From the very first graduate to the present, the purpose and mission of the school has been fulfilled and will continue to be fulfilled. If you are looking for a quality educational environment that will help you instill values in your child and that will take personal interest in your child, we would love for you to consider Bible Methodist Christian School!

Spiritual Formation

Our highest goal is that all students find and maintain a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The school embraces students from many different denominations in a unique atmosphere that focuses on this goal. Christian training involves the cooperative efforts of parents, church, and school. In order for us to support parents in spiritually guiding their children, we involve our students in weekly Chapel services and have daily Bible classes. Also, all of the education provided at Bible Methodist Christian School is based on a Christian world view.

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Bible Methodist
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